Fighters Guild

A brotherhood of warriors, the Fighters Guild serve the kingdom, lending their strength to any and all in need.


After the First King Denamda Valeria conquered the warlords of pre-colonized Amerath, he was left with a chaotic land. Having stretched his forces and his wealth waging war, he was unable to control local crime and native aggression. An enterprising mercenary company had approached the king with a solution, not only for the rise in crime but also for his economic problems as well; establishing a kingdom supported organization of warriors-for-hire. Thus, the Fighters Guild was born.


As a professional organization backed by the kingdom, the Fighters Guild is the establishment most people of Amerath depend on when in need of combat assistance and protection. The Fighters Guild is headquartered out of the kingdom’s capital Liberty Gate. Several chapters were established across the nation to cater to regional geography and politics. Recruits are trained in martial combat and survival and schooled in local laws. Most members of the Fighters Guild end up being hired as guards for local cities, branch out as adventurers, or remain at their guildhall as teachers and trainers for new recruits.


  • Mission
  • Mission’s Fighters Guild is primarily chartered by the Merchant Lords. With their vast economic connections, the Mission chapter is highly active patrolling trade routes and defending the rich. Unfortunately, for the rest of the people of the Freshwater Coast, that would mean they would have to find protection elsewhere from independent sellsword companies. Unknown to most people, the “independent” sellsword companies are backed by those same Merchant Lords who claim those contracts untaxed by the kingdom.

  • Lake Tallheaux
  • Lake Tallheaux’s Fighters Guild became infamous across the kingdom after recent events unveiled their corruption. Rallying warriors from other chapters to help deal with a “local threat”, a ruse led to the demise of many young trainees and aspiring fighters. The Lake Tallheaux chapter would continue this ploy while outsourcing their own members to other regions, under the guise of mercenary bands. It wasn’t until a hero would answer the call, and with the help of the virtuous members of the chapter, unravel the plot and end the corruption within the guild. Under new leadership and membership, the Lake Tallheaux chapter has been working to repair their reputation.

  • Nuvel Orleone
  • Nuvel Orleone’s Fighters Guild uphold the defense of the majority of Gulfmarch. The Nuvel Orleone chapter receives hefty support from the kingdom, as they are the wardens of the border to the lands south of Amerath. On top of that, they are at constant odds with the monster tribes of the Central Wilds. The Nuvel Orleone chapter is the largest of the Fighters Guilds.

  • Liberty Gate
  • Liberty Gate’s Fighters Guild is the founding chapter of all Fighters Guilds in Amerath. Their guildhall is headquartered at the feet of the Colossus of Liberty, which was crafted around the guildhall after-the-fact. The Liberty Gate chapter works closely alongside the Knights of Amerath and are chartered directly by King Pete himself. Some of Amerath’s finest warriors were trained out of the Liberty Gate chapter.

Notable Members


Fighters Guild

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