Fear and Loathing

Fear and Loathing is Session No. 75, which took place on 06/11/13.





  • The Party engage in a fight with the butcher, maneuvering around and inevitably slaying the hanging zombies while fending off his halberd-wielding advances.
  • As the battle progressed, the cultists and derelicts manage to barge through the barricade, forcing Da’Loach to create a make-shift wall of frozen bodies to delay them further.
  • The Party continue to fight back against the butcher until, through a back door on the other side of the room, several guards enter claiming they’ve finally found the base of operations for the criminal “Kail the Butcher.”
  • The Guard Captain, later introducing himself as Percival, leads the apprehension of the criminal and speaks with The Party. Hearing of their situation, he requests they join him and his guard convoy to speak with his employer, Lord Previa.
  • The Party are led to the central region of Old Vegas, a gated area in more lavish conditions than the shantytown that the outskirts were.
  • meeting lord previa
  • heading to shanty town
  • shenanigans at the soup kitchen
  • battle in the alley
  • meeting mynax

DM Notes

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Fear and Loathing

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