Fate of the North

Fate of the North is Session No. 73, which took place on 04/30/13.


With The Dead One at their gate, The Party, and what’s left of Nornheim’s forces, fight to save the kingdom.



  • The Party, Queen Anya, her Queensguard, Nornheim foot soldiers, and artillery march to the northern gate from the west, to confront The Dead One.
  • Krum has himself apprehended, as The Dead One still carried influence over him.
  • The Dead One spews living corpses from his hands, infesting the northern gate with undead.
  • Mornheim foot soldiers fight to battle them back, while the artillery fires to take down the hulking demon.
  • Axehammaran and Muzgash climb to a building in the nearby vicinity of The Dead One and attempt to jump onto his back unnoticed; failing so, The Dead One grabs them and chucks them to the ground below.
  • Before The Dead One could continue his attack on the two, he takes artillery fire from the east! The whole crew of River Rats arrive, lugging all the weaponry they could salvage from The Grizzly Snatch.
  • Da’Loach, in attempts to distract The Dead One, feigns burning the Book of Unspeakable Shame, from a visible rooftop; The Dead One frowns and then cruelly laughs, firing a massive eldritch bolt, destroying the building Da’Loach was perched atop.
  • Muzgash, sneaking his way back onto another roof, begins his ascent up The Dead One’s back unnoticed.
  • Axehammaran, regrouping with The River Rats discovers they had escaped during the goblin occupation of the western port and anchored down at the southern cove (where they initially waited for The Party at their arrival to Nornheim).
  • Da’Loach, awakening amidst the rubble, tends to his wounds and heads west to meet with the Queen’s forces; to discover an alternate plan to defeat The Dead One as the book’s destruction, or prestidigitation thereof, was ineffective.
  • Muzgash, continuing up The Dead One’s back, manages to nest on his head, still unnoticed.
  • At that same moment, Axehammaran has Shield fire him through a cannon directly to The Dead One’s face; crashing into his cheek but failing to secure a hold onto his cheek for a direct attack. Upon falling, he narrowly escapes an eldritch blast.
  • Immediately afterwards, Muzgash, having secured a rope around one of The Dead One’s horns, swings from behind his head to the front of his face, attempting to embed his dagger within the demon’s eye. Unfortunately for the monk, he had been caught mid-air and flung into the battlements below.
  • Da’Loach, inquiring with the Queen about what they could do, happens to hear a couple footman speaking of their regrets on missing this opportunity to speak with the Wyvern due to their imminent death.
  • Da’Loach discovers the Wyvern of the Well is an all-knowing being who, for a fee of 1000gp, will answer any one question truthfully, but in return will also ask a question; securing a horse from a cavalryman, Da’Loach awkwardly rides to speak with the Wyvern.
  • As this is occuring, the undead are beginning to press the footsoldiers back, The Dead One firing away at ballistae and catapults on a whim, nearly destroying all of the Nornheim artillery.
  • The Queensguard Captain Tremaine calls for the troops to fall back, having gained The Dead One’s attention, he suffers the full force of a devastating eldritch bolt. Axehammaran barely manages to pull Tremaine to safety; wherein the Queensguard Captain dies after sharing a word with him and Muzgash.
  • Da’Loach, having his first encounter with the Wyvern, discovers The Dead One was summoned with an incantation from the Book of Unspeakable Shame, and with that same book, is an incantation to cast him away, though there is only one person living within this city who knows the ritual.
  • Riding back, he encounters The River Rats being pressed on the eastern side by approaching undead, they regroup to the west.
  • The Party discovers, from Queen Anya, that the only person who could know would be her mother’s confidant, the royal librarian.
  • Returning back to the castle, the librarian finds out that the party had recovered the book; pinpointing the incantation, he unlocks from the Queen’s chambers, 3 large crystals. With the incantation and the crystals forming an equilateral triangle around the dead one, he can be cast back into the fell realm.
  • The Party arriving back to the front lines see what remains of the Nornheim troops. As Queen Anya and her men are falling back, The Party reveals the solution to stopping The Dead One. There it’s decided, the forces of Nornheim will make one last stand.
  • Fighting their way to clear a path for The Party, the foot soldiers, River Rats and whats left of the armed forces battle The Dead One’s undead swarm while Axehammaran, Muzgash, and Da’Loach, taking a crystal each, charge forward and part ways.
  • With the incantation spoken by Da’Loach, the multitude of undead corpses crumble before the Nornheim forces as massive beams of light shine from the crystals; with a roar of defeat, The Dead One dissipates back into the earth.
  • Concerned of their friend, they discover Krum, still alive (yet undead), and completely free of The Dead One’s influence.
  • Having defeated impending doom, the kingdom of Nornheim rejoice. A city-wide celebration is held the following day, commemorating the fallen and praising those whose efforts helped save the kingdom.
  • The Queen complies with The Party’s original request for re-opening trade with Amerath and offers The Party to become apart of her Queensguard. All but Ridinour respectfully decline. The Party are made honorary Queensguard and granted standard issue royal blue cloaks..
  • The Party and The River Rats crew return to The Grizzly Snatch and sail south along the coast back home.
  • Shenanigans occur back home at Mission and The Party meets with Fiddenmar who arranges their meeting with Cifer to update him on completion of their quest.
  • Handsomely rewarded, The Party prepares for their next adventure.

DM Notes

  • Da’Loach asked his one question to the Wyvern of the Well.
  • Ridinour joins the Nornheim Queensguard and departs from The Party

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Fate of the North

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