Enter Ellay

Enter Ellay is Session No. 53, which took place on 12/14/12.


The Party set sail for Ellay to find Atasty Geemilf.



  • Da’Loach and Axehammaran meet with Archibald to pass over the Kopru Lair rubbings for transcription. Da’Loach is awarded wizard robes.
  • Kolag informs The Party that Fiddenmar would like to see them before they journey to Ellay to find Atasty Geemilf.
  • The Party recieves a Trader’s Seal to use as passage within Ellay.
  • On their voyage south, they’re surprised to find out Krum and Gualichu have been invited on the trip through Tristam.
  • Arriving in Ellay, they’re greeted inhospitably by the local guard, who are oddly adorned with black chokers around their necks.
  • From a fishmonger’s advice, they head towards the Trade District of Ellay to find a blacksmith.
  • At a local tavern, The Nutty Dwarf, Axehammaran discovers some information from local Crafts Guild members; the three merchant guilds, one of which they’re apart of, the Blacksmiths Guild and the Fishermans Guild are being “taxed” heavily by the new leadership of Ellay.
  • After winning a decent sum of gold, Tristam purchases rooms for them to stay the night
  • Muzgash notices Tristam’s absence from his room, assembles his companions to investigate; Da’Loach who was already preparing for a night reconnaissance mission, and Axehammaran who was in bed drinking, notably with his kilt wide open for anyone who entered his room.
  • Going about the plaza, The Party finds the Crafts Section of the Trade District remains open over night. Heading towards the Blacksmith Section, where they would find a blacksmith, revealed that it is closed from visitors after dark, on the basis that items of war need not run the streets in these hours.
  • The Party begged to differ and attempted to scale a side-street wall into the Blacksmith Section, Muzgash being the only one to succeed before Axehammaran and Da’Loach were discovered by the two guards, who promptly shoo’ed them off.
  • Muzgash encounters a dagger salesman who informs him about the situation of Ellay; an organization, Strega has taken control of the city by ousting the Thieves Guild and taxing the three merchant guilds thanks in-part to corrupt guards working on their payroll. Non-compliant guild members “go missing”.
  • Meanwhile Axehammaran and Da’Loach enter the plaza, which is quite active even at this time of night, and have a few words with a couple guards.
  • Muzgash, with his new found information begins working his way back to find his lost companions.
  • Da’Loach attempts to coerce them into playing a game of dice, and is charged with illegal gambling. He and Axehammaran then begin their escape as guards begin to close in on them, Da’loach activates his Obsidian Eagle Statue and flies onto the nearby roof, lowering a rope to Axehammaran.
  • Muzgash, seeing the shenanigans from a parallel street corner, begins to climb a roof for a better vantage point.
  • The escape is taken to the rooftops as The Party reconvenes and manages to lose the guards.
    They lay low back in their rooms at The Nutty Dwarf until morning.
  • Finding Tristam back in the inn, they continue their search for Atasty by heading to the now-open Blacksmith Section where they meet an older dwarven man who’s displayed wares share a similar craftsmanship to Atasty’s. The mere mention of her causes him to become emotional as he goes inside his shop. Da’Loach and Tristam follow to investigate.
  • Meanwhile Muzgash and Axehammaran go to the Blacksmith Guildhall to speak with their guildmaster, Hammerforgian, who they come to find out is a distant cousin to Axehammaran.
  • Back at the blacksmith’s, Da’loach finds out that the man is Atasty’s father, and he’s mourning the loss of his daughter due to his non-compliant actions against Strega. With this information on her possible whereabouts, they go to meet back up with their companions.
  • At the Blacksmith Guildhall, talks of leading the guilds in an uprising are at hand.

DM Notes

  • This is the first appearance of Hammerforgian.

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Enter Ellay

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