Ellay Riots

Ellay Riots is Session No. 55, which took place on 12/22/12.


All hell breaks loose in Ellay as The Party engage Strega head-on!



  • At sundown, The Party meets with the Guild Masters of Ellay at the Nutty Dwarf in the Crafts Section.
  • Securing a private room upstairs, Da’Loach, Muzgash, and Axehammaran, along with Hammerforgian, Jan, and Gerald begin planning their attack on the Strega citadel.
  • A knocking at the door brings about Krum, Gualichu, and Tristam, who remind The Party that they, and The River Rats who are waiting aboard The Grizzly Snatch, are ready whenever they’re needed.
  • Jan tells The Party that the Fishermans Guild is ready, the only problem would be getting through the Trade District plaza gate en masse. Meanwhile, Hammerforgian and Gerald would need time and supplies to equip their men for battle.
  • The Party decided that they would donate the weapon supplies from the bullywug cache they had discovered the previous day, and that it would be delivered into the trade plaza once Krum, Gualichu, Tristam and The River Rats secured the gate. At the same time, The Party would push through the plaza towards the Strega citadel. Once both gates were secured, they would lead an all-out assault, army against army.
  • Traversing the districts, The Party encounter a couple guards. Noticing their lack of black chokers, they let them in on the ruckus that is planned for that night. Barring curfew, the guards let The Party pass and let them know they have their support.
  • Reaching the gate to the Hollowed Wood, where the Strega citadel is located, The Party encounter more guards; this time discovering evident chokers.
  • As Da’Loach begins to coerce these guards away, explosions can be heard at the port. With their cover seemingly blown, The Party dispatch of the guards with the quickness.
  • Battling their way into the gate, The Party engage the guards behind the wall before they have a chance to alert the brunt of the Strega forces. They weren’t successful, as one of the guards run the bell before Ridinour could cut him down.
  • The Party stands at the entrance of the Hallowed Wood as Strega henchman pour from the Citadel doors.
  • Just then, armed members of the Blacksmiths Guild and the Crafts Guild arrive and engage the Strega henchman alongside The Party. A showdown occurs between Strega’s gnoll sergeants and The Party.
  • After the decisive showdown, The Party seemed to have turn the tide in Ellay’s favor, until a second wave of Strega goons begin pouring out, their Jackalwere lieutenants looking even more menacing than the gnolls.
  • The battle begins to shift against The Party’s favor until Tristam, Krum, and Gualichu join the fray, with the advancing forces from the Fishermans Guild.
  • With the whole Hallowed Wood in disarray, The Party presses forward into the citadel to strike at the Strega leader.
  • Inside the citadel, they discover a plethora of “lost” citizens being held as captive prisoners within.
  • The Party runs into a group of slavers and a regiment of city guards. There, they meet the Guard Captain of Ellay, who in a surprising turn of events, slays his Strega-sympathizing underlings. With the slavers slain, the Guard Captain reveals himself as the goliath Brolag, and brother to a close friend of The Party.
  • Finding out the leader of Strega is in the next few rooms ahead, The Party march forth into the deepest reaches of the citadel.
  • Once inside, they see a dwarven woman kneeling before an unsavory, grinning ogre. She turns, staring at Axehammaran. The Party instantly recognize her as a beaten, disheveled Atasty. And to their dismay, she’s holding the body of her and Axehammaran’s unborn child.
  • Laughing, the Ogre-head of Strega taunts The Party to what may be their untimely demise.

DM Notes

  • This is the first appearance of Brolag.

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Ellay Riots

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