Death Frost Doom

Death Frost Doom is Session No. 60, which took place on 03/04/13.


Tasked with finding a stolen book, The Party heads north towards the mountains of Nornheim.



  • Upon departing the inn, The Party approach the Queen’s Gate.
  • Showing their letter with King Pete’s Seal, they gain entrance to the Palace.
  • Meeting Queen Norn for the first time, they discuss their business in Nornheim.
  • Failing the guise of Amerathian Traders, The Party reveals their true identity as adventurers.
  • Seeing their potential, Queen Norn tasks them in finding a book that was “stolen” from her, to better persuade her in cooperating with them.
  • She recommends speaking with her royal librarian; who mentions a thief breaking out of the library and running north.
  • Having left Ralgar to his own devices, the rest of The Party march north in search of this thief and the book.
  • They come upon a cottage, adorned with animal pelts and odd wooden tablets with names engraved upon them.
  • Cornering the patron of the cottage, a wild hermit named Zeke, they discover that he’s making headstones for the dead who reside north.
  • He struggles to keep The Party from continuing on, but to no avail.
  • As they continue on the path, they see for miles, petrified wooden tablets, seemingly turned to stone, lining the land on each side.
  • At the end of the path, The Party come upon a stone building. Further exploration brings The Party eerie tidings; corporeal sounds, faint music, soft voices from afar.
  • They discover a strange book, filled with thousands upon thousands of names, written in an ancient language in the early pages to common in the more recently written ones.
  • They come upon a well outside of the building, but all they find is water below; now wet and in the freezing north, they go back into the building and start a fire within it’s chimney to warm themselves.
  • The Party decides to spend the evening within the stone building.

DM Notes

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Death Frost Doom

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