Cultist Personality

Cultist Personality is Session No. 76, which took place on 06/13/13.


Meeting the leader of the Cult of Demogorgon, The Party attempt infiltration by joining under the guise of bums.



  • party speaks with mynax about joining the cult
  • discuss the cults intentions, problems with cult of orcus, and how to join
  • theyre tasked with claiming the head of an officer within the cult of orcus; they’re to kill renault, a lieutenant in the cult who leads raids on the soup kitchens supply line
  • party head to soup kitchen find out about the inside-cult sympathizer; a baker in the rich part of old vegas that lives at the end of scumbag ave
  • party head out that way and are ambushed by cult of orcus members, from the street ends and the rooftops
  • epic struggle, they lose several potential recruits but manage to apprehend renault; they recouperate as they decide his fate

DM Notes

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Cultist Personality

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