Cult of Orcus

An initiatory occult society claiming to be Terrus’ leading left-hand path religious organization.


Many people and groups have been specifically described as worshiping Orcus throughout the ages. The widespread preponderance of these groups in Euronde is in part connected to Orcus’ involvement against Corellon. Due to the alleged conflict between Orcus and Corellon; their differences of reign over death and life, many detractors of the Church of Corellon found solace in the Cult of Orcus.

As the Church of Corellon was the largest, and accepted religious group among western civilization, the Cult of Orcus was the largest, and frowned-upon religious group. ETC


Despite the size of the Cult, their temples are often hidden in plain sight within otherwise normal communities, large and small. Larger bases are typically remote strongholds, tucked away and heavily guarded by undead.

Clerics of Orcus often promote necromancy. The commonly practice torture and living sacrifice. They are often adorned in black robes with a red inverted pentagram emblazoned across their chests or sleeves. ETC


Notable Members


Cult of Orcus

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