Cult of Demogorgon

A loosely organized group of devotees to the self-proclaimed “Demon Prince” Demogorgon.


Small covens of the cult have been around since knowledge of Demogorgon’s existence reached the material plane. Rumors would circulate of occurrences involving cultists of the Demon Prince, but were often squelched and led to dead-ends. It wasn’t until the incident in Old Vegas had a large collective of cultists begun asserting their power.


Primarily composed of atypical humanoids, the cultists of Demogorgon are typically deranged rejects from cults of “true” deities. Succubi are often found leading these cults; not so much due to their allegiance to Demogorgon, but rather the quick access to easily manipulated minds and a heightened sense of power.

Notable Members


Cult of Demogorgon

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