Cry of the Worm

Northbound to Nornheim is Session No. 59, which took place on 02/24/13.


The Party reach the Kingdom of Nornheim intent on meeting Queen Norn.



  • After ending the last of the fisherman’s life, The Party return back to The Grizzly Snatch.
  • There they sail westward along the coast, docking their ship in a calm bay.
  • They march through the treacherous terrain amidst the snowy climate onto the mainroad, where they meet a trader who gives them a ride on his wagon.
  • Riding ahead, Ralgar reaches the Kingdom of Nornheim’s eastern gate first. Spending excessive bribe money, he manages to make his way in.
  • The Party, following via wagon, enter the kingdom with the merchant who drops them off when they part ways.
  • Ralgar, having stabled his horse, enters into the local tavern to scoping out the situation from behind the scenes. Shortly after the rest of The Party arrives.
  • The Party discovers the kingdom is in turmoil due to the closing of the trade routes back south. The queen’s rash decision is questionable, yet not publicly questioned.
  • Ralgar, intent on questioning her himself, works his way to the Queen’s Gate, which leads to the palace where the queen herself resides. Da’Loach tails him.
  • Axehammaran and Muzgash settle in to their newly acquired rooms at the inn across the street.
  • Ralgar, failing to pass the Queensguard at the gate, was close to getting into a scuffle, into Da’Loach diffused the situation. They returned back to the Inn, though Ralgar didn’t stay for long.
  • Heading across town, Ralgar rides to another tavern where he happens to run into the Knights of Amerath operatives. They take him somewhere private to discuss their orders.
  • The Party prepares for their next attempt to meet Queen Norn the following day.

DM Notes

  • The Party, in particular Ralgar, spent an extensive amount of gold this session.

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Cry of the Worm

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