Church of Corellon

Considered one of the oldest religious institutes in the world of Terrus, the Church of Corellon played a prominent role in the history of Amerathian civilization.


The Church of Corellon was commonly misconceived to have been started by the half-human son of the elven deity Corellon Larethian. His alleged scriptures are what the clergy follow to present day, though it has been translated and re-written several times over the years. Originating in ANTIQUITY EURONDE, the Church upheld the values of Corellon as spoken by his earthly incarnation; his son.

Throughout MEDIEVAL EURONDE, the Church of Corellon had become widespread, and worshipping the elven deity became a common religious practice. ETC

In what is now the modern Kingdom of Amerath, missionaries of the Church had continued their expansion. ETC


The Churches of Corellon are grand structures commonly adorned with the elven deity’s symbol; an eight-pronged star. Corellon’s clerics wear silver circlets and gossamer robes of the brightest azure. They often wear blue cloaks and are typically armed with longswords.


Notable Members


Church of Corellon

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