Book of Unspeakable Shame

A massive, horrific tome, bound in ancient elven skin lists the crimes of Duvan’ku, the Dead One.


The Book of Unspeakable Shame is an ancient text depicting the actions of Duvan’ku. The fell cultists who worship the Dead One keep this tome hidden deep in the far north where none may learn of its foul magics.

The Party excavated the book from a tomb deep in the bowels of Nornheim. It was used in the summoning and the banishing of the Dead One during the battle for the Kingdom of Nornheim.


Wonderous Item • Paragon Tier
The entire book takes two months to read and upon completion the reader must save vs. spells or be Feebleminded. If this happens, the reader must be healed and have to read the book again to gain its benefits. If the save succeeds, the reader becomes Immune to all mental attacks such as Fear, Charm etc. forevermore. The reader also gains a 25 Wisdom score. 2d4 weeks after gaining these benefits, 2d6 demons will appear to destroy the reader, as no mortal may have this knowledge.

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Book of Unspeakable Shame

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