Beasts Below the Sands

Beasts Below the Sands is Session No. 78, which took place on 07/07/13.





  • enter lounge, find crude door and double door; blast crude door
  • capture francis, some cultist, shenanigans, search crude door, its a closet
  • enter double door, sand trap; trick exit door steam trap on axehammaran
  • sand trap opens to a stairwell, party proceeds to a door
  • daloach checks keyhole, all red, (its some demons eyes haha)
  • clash in the triple rooms with demons and cultists
  • party proceeds through double door, mondaines chamber
  • recruits get contained with krum via glyph trap
  • party duke it out, cultists sacraficing themselves in the blood pool
  • mondaine and co pray to the orcus statue
  • party stops the cultists from jumping into pool, start fighting mondaine
  • “slay” mondaine and go to help krum
  • braziers go out as mondaine and co raise up and take the form of demons

DM Notes

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Beasts Below the Sands

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