Beast Triad

A set of three small statues consisting of a lion, a scarab, and an eagle that contain the essence of spirit beasts of days long ago. When near each other their powers seep out of their prisons.


Years ago, three powerful beasts ran rampant among the civil world. The Beast Triad could not be slayed, so a wizard devised a solution; to contain them. Even managing to imprison them into statues, their energy emanated from their figures. It wasn’t until they were separated, given to three just rulers, that their power subsided.

Years later, the statues found their way back together in the hands of The Party. Upon being reunited, the Beast Triad managed to escape their prisons and run rampant once again. It wasn’t until the combined effort of the Archmage Archibald, several members of the Mission Mages Guild, and the party, that the beasts were contained once more.


The Beast Triad’s stat-blocks can be seen on their respective pages.

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Beast Triad

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