Name Cage Baker
Gender Male
Age 29
Race Human
Level 18
Class Ranger
Title Adventurers Guild

Cage Baker, known to most as Baker, was a human ranger and member of Adventurers Guild West.


Coming from a humble family in the northern Nevadlands, Baker knew he wanted to see more than just the arid deserts of his home town. He had discovered he was a pretty fine shot with the bow and arrow when he would bulls-eye scorpions on his family property.

Joining with the Adventurers Guild merely happened by chance, when one of their officers, Galvrar, had made a pit-stop at his town’s local tavern. His incessant questioning lead to his recruitment, and over time he had begun to grow on the guild officer.

Through hard work and dedication to the guild’s escapades, Baker became a pivotal member in the group.

Appearance & Traits

Baker is a tanned human man of medium height and build. He’s very heavy footed for a ranger, which only helps his case as being the head artillery of his adventuring group. He’s very stubborn in his ways, which generally gets him into trouble. But if he’s decided he likes you, he’ll stick with you until the very end.



Annotate 97-1161.

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