Name Haxehammaranianna
Gender Male
Age 57 (52)
Race Dwarf
Level 24 (3)
Class Fighter
Title Hero of the City
Fighter’s Guild

Axehammaran is a dwarven hero of the Freshwater Coast, known for his innumerable exploits with The Party.


Rumors say he was born in an alley to a homeless, dwarven mother who died during labor. His first ordeal in life was a struggle for his own freedom. They continue on to say he cried for a whole night until a generous bystander found and delivered him to an orphanarium. Rumors also goes on to state that he himself started the rumors about his birth.

Orphaned as a child, Haxehammaranianna was named so by his foster father. A sellsword, his father was often far from home. In between hitting the road and the tavern, his father taught him the only thing he knew; how to fight. Thus, Axehammaran, as he came to be known, spent a lot of his childhood fending for himself on the streets of Mission. It wasn’t until his father passed that he was given something substantial; his father’s warhammer and battleaxe, as well as his father’s debt.

Axehammaran was sold off to slavers, and was forced to pay off his debt the only way that he could; as a prospect in the underground fighting pits. Fortunately for his owners, Axehammaran would go on to win many duels and earn more than enough gold to settle his father’s debt twice over. Unfortunately for Axehammaran, he was easily swayed by his owners’ promises of wealth, wine, and women. A significant portion of his youth was squandered indulging in violent and carnal activities, much to the delight of his owners.

It wasn’t until many years later, when a young arcanist spoke with Axehammaran after one of his matches. For the first time, his eyes were opened to his situation and the life he had been living. That night, Axehammaran slayed his captors, took what he could carry, and left to find the wizard who had shown him the truth. Finding him at a tavern not far from the fighting pits, Axehammaran seemingly had made his first friend and companion. It was then he knew that from now on his hard work would only go to lining his own pockets with gold.

Appearance & Traits

Axehammaran is quite the surly looking individual. He is shorter than most dwarves, but seemingly stronger than most as well. He has black & wild facial hair that remains unkempt and unbraided. Over the years, his body and face retained many minor scars. He lost a front tooth in a scuffle during an adventure early in his career. He has recently sprouted a third eye from his right hand, due to ingesting a strange, demon’s-blood concoction.

Axehammaran enjoys the consumption of liquor, like most dwarves. Yet despite his size, he drinks profusely. Due to his addiction or his own personality, he can often be found blurting inappropriate things at inopportune times and can often be found threatening a plethora of people. Regardless of his vice, Axehammaran is fearless. His friends, who he is quite loyal to, speak of his great sense of humor.


With his companion mage Da’Loach, Axehammaran spent much of his later years getting by as a mercenary. Unlike his foster father, his skills with his hammer and axe managed to keep food on his plate and liquor flowing into his mug. It wasn’t until The Party was hired by the Merchant Lady Fiddenmar that they had found permanent work. Under her authority, Axehammaran found great prosperity. So much so that he and The Party gained ownership of their own seafaring vessel and enough wealth to hire their own crew.

Axehammaran’s adventures with The Party garnered him a substantial amount of both fame and notoriety; enough so that he was summoned specifically to assist in quelling terrorist activity against the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild.

Soon after, Axehammaran had discovered he had a child out of wedlock with a dwarven blacksmith. To her dismay, their baby was murdered by a Strega officer. But losing a child he hadn’t known to exist only hardened Axehammaran.

Tales have trickled down from Nornheim to Amerath of his participation in the banishment of a resurrected god, and his valiant stand against the goblin armies of Gulagia. But, few know of how deeply involved he was behind the scenes during The Party’s time in the north. Axehammaran had slain the Goblin King and his armies’ general, and mounted both of their heads to his pauldrons.

After plenty of adventures across Terrus and beyond, Axehammaran spent a year working with his close friend Shield, and several other dwarves, in conjunction with the Wakanda Mages Guild in crafting a massive arcane cannon. Strange as it may have been for him to even be around anything remotely technical, operating alongside these individuals sparked something in Axehammaran that he had never experienced before.

Axehammaran rejoined The Party in their campaign against Demogorgon.

DM Notes

  • Axehammaran was played by Jarrod.
  • Axehammaran was first created for a one-shot adventure.



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