Atasty Geemilf

Atasty Geemilf

Name Athena Griswold Milfton
Gender Female
Age 40
Race Dwarf
Level 0
Class Civilian (Blacksmith)
Title Journeyman

Athena Grisold Milfton, more commonly known among her peers as Atasty Geemilf, is a female dwarf blacksmith and active merchant of Mission.


Atasty was born in Ellay and spent a majority of her childhood there where she was raised as a blacksmith’s apprentice. After spending most of her journeyman years working up and down the Freshwater Coast, she had settled in Mission. Intermingling with their diverse populace, Atasty worked alongside several smiths of different cultures, becoming quite the expert in her craft. Although there isn’t a Blacksmiths Guild in Mission, many of her peers regard her as a Master smith despite not having passed any qualifying tests for it.

Appearance & Traits

Atasty is shorter than most dwarves, but stockier and heavier-set. She wears a distinctive burgundy shirt beneath a red smith’s apron.

During her time in Mission, she was very warm and welcoming to customers and friends. After the tragic events that happened in Ellay, she became very cold and more focused on her work.


Atasty met The Party after they had, with the city’s help, slain the dragon attacking the Port District. Bringing her a salvaged dragon scale of massive size, they had hired her to craft equipment for them. A job of this scale would take some time and she had told them to return at a later day. During their encounter, Axehammaran had become enamored with Atasty, despite her waving away his advances.

It wasn’t until the celebration that evening that they would meet again, and under the influence of the festivities of that night, did she have a whirlwind fling with Axehammaran. Once he and The Party set sail for other adventures, she resumed her duties and begun crafting their equipment.

Several months later, The Party returned to Mission in search of Atasty, in hopes of retrieving their new dragonscale equipment, only to find out she was pregnant and unable to work her shop in Mission. Word spread that she had returned to Ellay, to spend time with family.

Da’Loach discovers Atasty has been taken by Strega from her father’s non-compliance with their “tribute” tax. Her status and whereabouts are unknown, though The Party hopes she was still live and only being held captive in the Citadel.

It wasn’t until The Party led the liberation of Ellay that Atasty’s condition was revealed; she had been tortured and her unborn child slain. Though Strega was defeated and the city was freed of their control, the damage remained.

Atasty spent a great deal of time in solitude, but has returned to smithing. She was last seen honing her craft in Ellay.

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Atasty Geemilf

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