Name Archibald Magdalia
Gender Male
Age 135
Race Human
Level 25
Class Wizard
Arcane Wayfarer
Title Mages Guildmaster (Mission)
Archmage (Amerath)

Archibald Magdalia was a male human wizard and reigning Archmage of Amerath. He was also a former Guildmaster of the Mission Mages Guild.


Born in Magincia, Archibald was one of many who were gifted in the arcane arts. Much to the chagrin of his peers, he strayed from his apprenticeship at the Mages Guild in favor of exploring Terrus. Unbeknownst that he would eventually make his way back to several guildhalls later in his lifetime.

As the Archmage of Amerath for over 50 years, there were many tales about Archibald among the magically inclined. Though stories of his feats may be far-fetched, it is a known fact that in his younger years he was an adventuring wizard, honing his craft around the uncivilized world.

Although there was no established king in Mission, Archibald was the de-facto leader of the city, despite the several Merchant Lords who ran most of the commerce and general workings within it.

Appearance & Traits

Archibald appears to be older gentleman, looking to be within his late 40’s early 50’s, of a tall and slender build. In reality, he is much older than his form lets on.

He is known to wear several ornate robes around the guildhall, all of which are uniformly red with gold trim. He has been seen carrying a staff, Gullwing, when appearing outside of Mission.


At the tender age of 16, the wayward wizard’s apprentice Archibald Magdalia left his hometown of Magincia to accrue knowledge from worldly experiences rather than repetitive studies. In doing so, he had visited all 7 continents of Terrus before he had turned 30. Over the years he had spent time with several adventuring troupes, establishing his notoriety and honing his abilities as a journeyman wizard. As a free-spirited, outgoing wizard, Archibald’s skills were in high-demand. If his time was spent idling in the same place for too long, the young wizard would go with the wind.

It wasn’t until his travels had taken him to Kemet had Archibald settled down. There he had witnessed his first sanctioned wizard battle; a grizzled upstart of the Kemet Mages Guild had challenged the Archmage of Wakanda for his position. It was the first time Archibald had seen what years of studying could grant him. The Archmage had shut down the upstart in effortless fashion. It was then that Archibald would rejoin the Mages Guild.

Despite his urge to hone his craft through traditional means, he grew restless. Just as soon as he had arrived, he was gone. Archibald spent time at several guildhalls across Terrus before stopping at a newly established one; the academy of the Mission Mages Guild. It was there, he had met the Archmage of Amerath; whose unorthodox, new-age ways seemed to captivate Archibald. And thus, he remained at the Mission Mages Guild, where he would excel to the top of the academy.

After the Incident in the Shadowfell, Archibald was thrust to ascend to the position of Archmage of Amerath.

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