Name Aquilonia
Gender Female
Age 33
Race Dragonborn
Level 9
Class Paladin
Title Fighters Guild

Aquilonia is a female dragonborn paladin and current Guard-Captain of the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild.


Aquilonia spent the better portion of her life at Lake Tallheaux, training with and fighting for the Fighters Guild. She and, her close friend, Ridinour, worked under, the previous Guard-Captain, Foxgar as guards within the guild hall.

Appearance & Traits

Aquilonia is a tall, sturdily built dragonborn. Her scales are of a deep burgundy color and behind her brow is a crest of several hornlike scales resembling thick ropy hair which she wears tied behind her head.

Her weapon of choice is a warhammer and shield.


Aquilonia encountered The Party when she accompanied Foxgar on his emissary mission to recruit Axehammaran.

When Foxgar left to continue his emissary mission, Aquilonia was tasked with escorting Axehammaran to the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild alongside Ridinour. After completing her task, she continued her duties at the guild hall.

Aquilonia then accompanied Foxgar and Ridinour up the Sugarloaf Peak to find Axehammaran and Ortaddon. There she helped escort the captured Foostus, Seregris, Dartanion, and Onedeep.

Aquilonia played a pivotal role in the leadership change of the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild when she and Foxgar locked up the armory, preventing other corrupt fighter’s from equipping themselves, during the breakout.

For her deeds, Aquilonia was promoted to Guard-Captain under, the new Guildmaster, Foxgar’s charge.

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