Name Anji
Gender Male
Age 58
Race Human
Level 24
Class Monk

Anji, master of the Two-Fold Extremity technique, is a wayward monk and hermit residing deep in the wilderness of Kitai.


Anji was a caretaker of a long forgotten monastery, where he cared for five orphans. It wasn’t until the local mayor pressed for expansion of a nearby town that the monastery was set ablaze to be demolished regardless of the fact that Anji and the orphans occupied it. Being the sole survivor of the fire, Anji mourned for five years before avenging the children; first by murdering the men involved in the fire with his bare hands. When confronting the mayor, despite pleas of forgiveness, Anji had crushed his skull.

Anji spent the next 25 years in prison, atoning for his crime. After his release, he had disappeared into the jungles of Kitai.

Appearance & Traits

In his early years, Anji was a slim, humble monk. During his 25 year sentence, he had bulked up immensely. Through his martial training as a monk, he retained his speed, despite his size, while multiplying his strength. Adorned in tattered robes, he appears imposing with a constant grim look across his face. He still struggles with his past actions and the loss of his foster children.



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