Anarchy and Antidotes

Anarchy and Antidotes is Session No. 88, which took place on 10/09/13.





  • party tie mynax to a cactus, torture her for info to cure mummy rot
  • no answer leads to them ditching her as they return to old vegas
  • anarchy has broken out since they left, with substantial guards having been dispatched by them earlier, and river rats picking off the rest, derelicts runnin wild, no nobleman safe
  • ham rp in old vegas
  • party hits free clinic to get help, poison a dr willy so that he’ll help them find cure
  • shenanigans at the “peace tree-T” a botanist shop, find nothing
  • return to lapis lazulian, reunite with party, gualichu says they have cure in ellay
  • use goblin elixir to cure axehammaran, steal carriage and three horses, ride back to ellay
  • dr willy drinks polymorph potion, turns into a weasel infected iwth mummy rot
  • at ellay, they cure xanneiros and dr willy
  • party are paid by cifer, they begin their sail back to mission

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Anarchy and Antidotes

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