Name Agkol
Gender Male
Age 65 (60) 55
Race Goliath
Level 25 (25) 21
Class Fighter (Knight)
Title Knight General

Knight General Agkol is the highest ranking official of the Knights of Amerath.


Agkol was the son of a former Fighters Guildmaster. He had hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps but was kicked from the Fighters Guild at age 17 for “wise-mouthing an officer.” Rumor has it, Agkol had beaten said officer bloody before his superiors.

It was after that incident when he had joined an adventuring troupe, consisting of the warlock Cifer and the barbarian Terry. Through their conquests they had gained favor of the newly appointed king. While he and Cifer had chosen to climb the ranks of the Knights of Amerath, their former companion Terry had deemed them “sell-outs” and parted ways.

Appearance & Traits

Standing a mere 6’5", Agkol is quite short for a fully grown male goliath. Despite his size difference to other goliaths, he is still an imposing figure. Donning bronze armor to match his brown-hued skin, he commands the respect and loyalty of the army of Amerath. He wields a massive bastard sword known as the Olympian.



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After the Mission Bay Disaster, Agkol returned to Liberty’s Gate.

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