Personal thanks and credit goes out to…

  • Obsidian Portal
  • For hosting this website and creating a home for our, and many other, campaigns.

  • Jarrod, Jared, Wyatt, Thom, and the rest of the homies
  • For your time spent playing pretend while we’re sitting around getting drunk. If I’m not sober enough to document the occasion, I know one of you guys will. I see you, Wyatt; with the flicks and the recordings.

  • The Forum All-Stars
  • For your work in compiling all the helps and tips for making this page fly. I constantly visit the help faq and css faq threads regularly. The folks that are active in those threads deserve all the praise.

  • Kris and Co.
  • For hooking me up with a gang of mini-figs/paints/maps, all that good stuff.

  • Reserved for Author/Module References
  • For insert thanks.

  • Reserved for Insert something to be thanksful for
  • For insert thanks.

  • Everyone that keeps this hobby alive
  • For continuing to roll that dice. While I may not be down with how the industry is pushing their product, I’m down for folks getting together, having a great time, and calling it their D&D, or their Cthulhu, or their Labyrinth Lord.

  • McCormick® Peach Vodka
  • Cheers, my friends.



McCormick® Peach Chronicles erwin