McCormick® Peach Chronicles

Heroes for Hire

Heroes for Hire is Session No. 01, which took place on 05/04/12.


A group of adventurers are offered a job to clear the Irondeep Mines of several lizardmen.



  • Axehammaran, Da’Loach, and Foostus are having a drink at a local tavern in the town of Saint Rose.
  • They are approached by the halfling merchant, Fiddenmar, and her goliath bodyguard, Kolag.
  • She hires them to clear a band of lizardmen from a local mine.
  • Fiddenmar awaits their return at the city of Mission, where she will pay them for the job.
  • The Party fight their way into the Irondeep Mines and defeat the lizardmen gang.
  • They also discover recently mined architecture and a massive opened door.
  • The Party venture forth to explore.

DM Notes

  • ♘ Denotes present player characters.
  • This marks the return of Axehammaran and Da’Loach from a prior one-shot adventure.
  • This is the first appearance of Foostus.
  • This is the first appearance of Fiddenmar and Kolag.
  • In the Irondeep Mines, a lizardman brute critically strikes Axehammaran, knocking out one of his front teeth.
  • The Party finds a black eagle statuette, one of the Beast Triad statues.

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